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CPH Consultants is a full-service civil engineering design and land use consulting company founded with the premise and understanding that successful projects are the result of a strong and energetic team led by clear communication and competent professionals. We employ a collaborative and open approach to site planning, design, and consulting. Our team leaders leverage their collective 30 years of professional experience, the expertise of our in-house staff, and the latest in technology resources to ensure the highest quality consulting and design services with a constant focus on project goals and strategy, creative design alternatives, responsiveness, and communication with the client and consultant team.

The CPH team has worked together with clients and consultant partners to successfully complete a variety of large and complex public infrastructure and site development projects throughout the Puget Sound, Washington, and other western states. CPH Consultants confidently and efficiently scopes, identifies and assembles specialty sub-consultants, and provides management services for a variety of project types and sizes. Our approach with every project is to facilitate solutions to the complex site conditions while not complicating the more common scenarios. Our mission is to always deliver a superior level of service and design product that results in success for our clients and long-term relationships for our team.

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